Images on this Website
Images of Signal Boxes, Bridges, Locomotive Works, etc., are grouped together with their nearest Stations on individual “Station Pages”. These are accessed via the GNSR network map on the Lines and Stations page or via the individual maps on “Section Pages”. “Station pages” have buttons for navigating UP and DOWN the lines on which stations lie. Accessible via the drop-down above are images of:- Lines & Stations Locomotives Special Excursions Documentation Miscellaneous Staff Battery Electric Multiple Unit (BEMU) Wartime Railway Mania Architecture PLEASE NOTE The images on this website are intentionally reproduced at a limited resolution (no more than 750 pixels wide) and mostly bear a copyright “watermark”. Nonetheless,GNSRA does not give permission for these images to be copied, stored or reproduced in any way. In almost all cases, GNSRA’s own scans of the original images are to a much higher resolution. Commercial arrangements may be made by genuine researchers and authors to acquire rights to use specific images at the highest resolution. In the first instance, those interested should please contact our Photo Archivist (click to send email).