Bus & Other Road Services
The GNSR was a pioneer in the operation of road motor services, mainly as an extension of its railway services. The first service, from Ballater to Braemar which was started in 1904, was a good example of this. Motor and steam lorries were also purchased to operate goods services. Some buses were contracted to provide mail service. Road services were initially operated without specific Parliamentary authority but the Great North of Scotland Railway Order, 1906 (under the Private Legislation (Scotland) Act, 1899) granted such powers. These powers were taken over by the L&NER, who obtained more general powers for road motor operation under the London & North Eastern Railway (Road Transport) Act, 1928. On 15 August 1929, the L&NER and LMSR reached agreement whereby the railway companies would relinquish their passenger road services in favour of one of the companies in the Scottish Motor Traction Co. Ltd. group (SMT). The transfer took effect in stages during 1930. The Association’s publication ‘Great North of Scotland Railway Road Services’ by Mike Mitchell (right) provides a comprehensive description of all the services which were operated and a full fleet list. It also surveys other road services operated in conjunction with the railway. For details of all sixteen bus routes, please click here.